BlueAngels Magazine features the work of photographer Jose Morales, owner of BlueAngel Photography New York, and editor in chief of Guild Magazine. The magazine also serves as a platform for the featured models, with small interviews about who they are, their lives, and their stories. As a photographer, Morales felt that though many times the model is the main subject in the picture, s/he is easily forgotten. The vision of BlueAngels Magazine is to allow the reader to learn about the people he is creating his art with; the subject in front of his camera.

ISSUE # 1 - Featuring 9 models! Including new model Jon Wechter: an army ranger from California with a passion for helping others; and past client, and model Justin Schlabach: professional writer, and theater director from New York City.


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Featuring interviews with Jon Wechter, Justin Schlabach, Remington Jay, Niv Gradus, William Munoz, and Giancarlo Romero.